What’s in a Display? Visual Impact.

When Brunswick Forest asked us to update their trade show graphics, we created dramatic new images and smart copy specifically for that target audience. People attending these shows are interested in relocating to the southeastern U.S., and attending these shows is part of their research.


The eye-catching main display is 20 feet long, and its serpentine shape allows spectators to capture the brand from various points in the room. That’s important as these shows are often packed with other displays and throngs of people.


By incorporating the web-inspired “Search no more” campaign we created for print advertising, Brunswick Forest stands out in a sea of competitors’ displays, boldly proclaiming there is no reason to continue looking. Brunswick Forest has everything they seek.


Trade shows are filled with displays, people, and networking. We incorporated the Brunswick Forest tagline, “Coastal By Nature”, as the creative foundation for the tabletops. The vibrant blue and green color variations are eye catching and visually exciting. Who wouldn’t want to visit one of the many beaches that are next to Brunswick Forest?


Brunswick Forest’s tagline “Coastal By Nature” is the creative foundation for the various displays, including three podiums and three banner stands. These shows are typically held in the Northeast and Midwest, so the designs’ vibrant blues and greens are visually exciting, drawing prospects in with the inviting coastal message.


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