Advertising for the Innocent


For the advertising nay-sayers who claim that an advertiser’s only job is to peddle goods to the unsuspecting public; you are correct 90% of the time. The other 10% of advertising is actively engaging in the good of the public, giving back while getting ahead. This is every advertiser’s dream scenario. Advertisers start off hopeful that they will make a difference with creative “hands across the world” campaigns and more often than not, end up solely focused on selling. Why not do both?

Innocent Smoothie’s “Big Knit” is doing just that. The UK-based brand encourages it’s consumers to knit adorable little hats for their smoothies in the winter time and for each hat adorned smoothie sold, the company donates part of its proceeds to charity which supports keeping the elderly warm in the chilly months. By engaging the public in participating and interacting with their brand for a just cause, they make their product relatable while giving back to the common good. Not to mention, they have figured out a sweet spot in the market for their down season and have increased sales with virtually no cost to the company. Hat’s off to you Innocent!

-Trista Banfield, Technical Director

* * *

Morvil also has its own acts of kindness to keep our hearts warm in the winter, with projects like Camp Schreiber and CareNet to mention a few. For more information about what Morvil Advertising + Design Group can do for your brand, give us a call 910.342.0100 or stop by; we are centrally located in Wilmington, NC.