¡Luz, Cámara, Acción!

Behind the Scenes at Annesdale Park

Saturday, May 5th was the official kick-off of the Brunswick Forest Summer Concert Series. They celebrated Cinco de Mayo in Annesdale Park with Island Time, a North Carolina band who brought the perfect, tropical vibe to the event. The crowd enjoyed classic summer tunes while visiting with neighbors, playing corn hole, and eating some delicious taco bowls.

On the sidelines, our team at Morvil was hard at work capturing the event on film (well… on digital). Jeff, Katy and Lani teamed up with Kelly Starbuck, a Wilmington-based photographer, to capture the exciting moments of the concert, both big and small.

For this event, we had anticipated taking a more laid-back approach to the photography and videography, focusing on crowd footage and simple, candid moments. However, a week before the concert, we received word that the client wanted to turn this into a full-spread ad—which would be due five days after the event. With that in mind, Jeff and Joy, the project manager for the Brunswick Forest account, began scouting the location for good photo spots, as well as how lighting would affect the images.

Coordinating the shoot proved to be tricky. The start-up time continued to be pushed earlier and earlier as the shot list lengthened and the necessary equipment increased. Additionally, we needed to find models who would be available on such short notice. Luckily, our lovely project manager Karen Traina again graciously accepted our request to model for us. She and her husband, as well as three other couples, were set to help us at the concert.


The weather was… less than ideal. The sticky, North Carolina summer air had arrived in full force, and we were stuck with grey skies for the entire shoot. Luckily, the rain held out on us until the very end of the concert. In addition to Kelly, Jeff and Lani also took pictures during the event. They were able to get more candids, while Kelly focused on the staged shots.

Afterwards, Kelly worked tirelessly to get her photos to us as quickly as possible. She stayed up until the early hours of the morning for several nights, curating and editing over 700 photos. Those photos have now been sorted, and we were able to complete the full-spread ad on deadline.

Find more of Kelly Starbuck’s work here: http://www.kellystarbuck.com/