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Balancing the left and right brain

Balancing the Left and Right Brain

The jobs landscape within the creative industry is an ever-changing thing. Long gone are the “Mad Men” days of cut and dry creative teams. Many of our roles have evolved, which in turn has demanded more out of us. But because we live in the Information Age, we are ableRead More

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“The Big (Advertising) Game”

There are a few days until Super Bowl LI. The biggest day for pizza, football, and advertising. In the spirit of friendly competition, let’s compare then vs. now: In the 1990s The 90’s wasn’t just about Scrunchies and Beverly Hills 90210. It was also a vibrant time for commercial advertising.Read More

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Launching Brunswick Forest into 2017

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Brunswick Forest website, with so many user-friendly features, it’s like taking a tour through their award-winning community without leaving your home or office. This was a labor of love over many months of development, showcasing new photography and most importantly,Read More

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Morvil’s Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and such… these are a few of our favorite things! Need some last minute gift ideas for the holidays? Maybe our favorites will give you some inspiration. Or, simply get to know us. Either way, thanks for stopping by. JOY: -Weather cold enough for sweatpants and slippers.Read More

Timber brings leafy goodness to WordPress

At the start of internet design and development, there just wasn’t much to a website. HTML was static and ‘database’ was synonymous with ‘Access’. Sites were just a few pages of images and text. There came a point when developers started creating sites for profit, then everyone realized clients wouldRead More


Photoshop CC Tips & Tricks

For the last several years the advertising landscape has been rapidly changing. A focus on digital experiences has forced a new way of designing and approaching projects. Adobe has been making big updates to many of their products, especially Photoshop, to help with the demands of digital advertising and improveRead More


Search Engine Optimization – Looking Forward To 2017

With the ever-changing environment of search engine algorithms, it is important to stay ahead of the trends. Today’s best practices could change tomorrow. Such was the case with the release of Google’s Hummingbird search engine algorithm back in 2013. Its shift away from keywords toward conversational text created a majorRead More


Advertising for the Innocent

For the advertising nay-sayers who claim that an advertiser’s only job is to peddle goods to the unsuspecting public; you are correct 90% of the time. The other 10% of advertising is actively engaging in the good of the public, giving back while getting ahead. This is every advertiser’s dreamRead More

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What’s in a Display? Visual Impact.

When Brunswick Forest asked us to update their trade show graphics, we created dramatic new images and smart copy specifically for that target audience. People attending these shows are interested in relocating to the southeastern U.S., and attending these shows is part of their research. The eye-catching main display isRead More